Online education is now-a-days becoming an essential part of our life. Be it teachers or students or those mothers who take care of studies of their children, everyone wants to remain updated from the prehistoric events to the latest researches. There are numerous websites which impart online education or help us in taking admissions in best colleges.  We have chosen a list of top 5 sites which help us to prepare ourselves to face the growing competition. 



india bix

This site has got 4/5 rating on . It is widely used by the proffesionals who are preparing for aptitude tests. Solved examples with detailed answers, explanations are given proving it to be easy to understand. Besides that, a forum is also available for students to dicuss their problems.



LAUNCHED IN 2008, offers its members wide range of choice among the colleges to choose from. You can see the ratings of various colleges. furthermore you can request for the college brochure and even compare the colleges.


CA CLUB INDIA was launched in 90’s. Initially the motive of the site was to share the knowledge among CA’s , but after gaining popularity, whole of the finance professionals were invited to join. here members can interact with the members of their own fraternity . Various finance related problems and burning issues are discussed here. Online classes and expert advice is also available at this portal.



It provides guidance on various competitive exams particularly in MBA, BANKING, SSC, ENGINEERING. Information on this site is regularly updated. One of the important feature of this website is its forum where students can discuss about every problem they face while getting admissions.


ROOM 108

ROOM108 is a primary educational site for students and teachers. there are over 1900 pages of kids games and teachers resources for children learning. A great resource for grade one and kindergarten games



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